Refraction (Bent Thinking) of the Day #20

Chronological Snobbery:  Asserting that something is bad or good because it is either old or new. Refutation:  Whether something is old or new does not, in and of itself make something bad or good.  This has to be determined by other criteria. Example:  Abby: Bob, the notion that contraceptive use is wrong comes from antiquated beliefs held by Puritanical, outmoded, and passe’ notions. Side Note: Many people look down on religions as well as the constitution because they are rooted in texts written long ago. They also look down on moral standards because they have been around for millennia. Some of this is rooted in a simple rejection of the standards of truth and behavior. Some is rooted in a common misconception that humans in the past were not intelligent. I used to think that myself until I read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, written in 1776.   Then when I read some original works of Aristotle, my eyes were truly opened.  There have been truly intelligent people throughout history. We have more information that people had in the past, but we definitely not more intelligent, on average!

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