For those interested, Jim has three published books (and a new one coming this fall!):

Black and White Tree                                                               Healing in the Wind

1) Healing in the Wind – a resource for folks in the people helping field (therapists, nurses, counselors, advocates, clergy, and etc.)  The book is designed to be an aid when friends/clients go through a devastating event and as a consequence, lose their faith and their belief in the goodness of the divine. This book presumes no particular worldview/religious persuasion of the struggling soul – it takes them right where they are and walk them through their own belief system and the  emotional support that can be found therein.  It can also be used as a great tool to learn the world religions.

Book Cover

Book Cover

2) Second Adam – a 400 page novel – a fiction.  This is a thinking person’s thriller written to stretch your mind and your emotions. Jim has masterfully woven together crime, romance, revenge, love, murder, faith, evil, and good – all in a compelling story of truth.

3) The Structure of Ethics in the Early Christian Church:A Sourcebook.

This book is a recently update version of Jim’s Master’s Thesis written in 1993 for his degree in Classical Languages. The book examines how ethics was done (how they went about communicating morality) by Jesus, the writers of the New Testament, and the disciples of the apostles (the Apostolic Fathers). In the book these are compared and contrasted on five levels: grammatical, rhetorical, literary, philosophical, and theological. Not an easy read, but well worth if for people who really want to understand moral truth from the early church.