Refraction (Bent Thinking) of the Day #21

Fallacy of Division: Asserting that what is true of the whole of a complex thing is also equally true of one of its parts. Refutation: What is true of whole of a complex thing cannot be true of each of the parts. A dog can weigh 8 pounds, but each of its limbs do not weigh 8 pounds. The U.S. is a constitutional republic, but each citizen is not a constitutional republic.  Example:   Adam: Betty, our city is known for its progressive view of accepting contraceptive use. You are a citizen of our city, therefore, deep down, you also must be for it. Side Note:  Just because, in general, liberals believe X, that doesn’t mean that any particular liberal believes X. Please try hard not to jump to these type of conclusions and pre-judge someone’s positions.

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