Refraction (Bent Thinking) #19

Emotive Language: Attempting to stir up any emotions rather than presenting a good argument in a situation where emotions are not appropriate or necessary. Refutation: arguments are worthy nor not based on their internal structure, soundness, and well supported statements of fact – just like in mathematics.  There are times when emotional language can be used to get the other person to see the depth or gravity of the situation, but the actual attempt to convince should be based on good logic. Example  Adam: Betty, you should remember that what is being prevented from conception in the womb is an innocent child, who would otherwise develop ten of those cute little fingers that will wrap gently around its mother’s finger, and ten little toes that will wiggle and turn as its coos with excitement when it hears it’s mother voice. Side Note: The current debate on gun control includes much rhetoric that relies on stirred up emotions.  Even though emotions run high, the questions still remain:  1) do we want the government to solve the problem, 2) does the proposed solution violate anyone’s constitutional rights, and 3) if the proposed solution had been in place earlier, would it have prevented the event? 

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