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Just so’s ya know: I post things to make people think. I do not have the power to change what they think, but posing questions, making provocative claims, and providing solid sources can result in people rummaging through their minds to figure out why they think what they think.

I also post things to prod people to speak. The world desperately needs truth to be declared and lies to be confronted and dispelled. The world needs many, many voices to do this. The world needs YOUR voice. You don’t need to be the smartest and most educated person on the block. You just need to know what the truth is and try to articulate it carefully. Please make a difference in our world. Please step up to the plate and defend truth. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn said, “We live not by lies.”

Be kind. Be respectful. Be firm. Be noisy. If you love this country, be gently noisy and deliver truth to your generation.

This message is sponsored by… no one. This message is needed by everyone. Go out and Moo!


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