The Moral Justification for Abortion

Picture a maze with one exit… and that exit has something positive waiting outside the exit (like ice cream). Picture the same maze with several entrances – all of which will lead you to the exit.

That is what it is like arguing abortion. Each side has their own maze.

Those who are “pro-life” have at their exit door a live baby. Many different arguments can get them to that conclusion, but the end goal is always the same. The end goal is the protection and preservation of a “value” that they find precious.

Those who are “pro-choice” have at the exit door a person (man or woman) who wants (for themselves or others) to be able to engage in sexual activity with whomever they choose whenever they choose and do not want to pay the price of having a baby as a consequence.

When these two sides argue, it really doesn’t matter much where you start – what entrance you take. Each entrance will get them to the end they want. You can enter through the door of the constitution, laws, freedom, humanity, person-hood, viability, life, and etc. – what matters is the getting to the goal.

So let’s at least acknowledge the reality that the turns and contortions of the arguments really don’t matter – as long as they get to the goal they want and protect the value they hold dear.

Think deeply about this and let me know if you agree or disagree. Think deeply about this and ask yourself about the “morality” or “value” of the goals.


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