The Land in Which We Live and Breathe and Have our Being.

In a constitutional republic, each person with suffrage gets to vote their conscience and their values. That is how the system was designed and how it works. It makes ZERO difference if the people are left handed, Presbyterian, transgender, a Cubs fan, a communist, or a Bible-thumper. Everyone gets a say. No one has to check their beliefs and values at the door of the ballot box. If a large majority of voters share the same values, then those values become woven into the ordinances, and statutes of their states. If a majority of states share the same values, then they are woven into the rules and laws of the federal government. It is that simple. That is how our system was designed to work. If you want your beliefs and values to be more represented in our society, voice them and gets others – through winsome rhetoric – to agree with you and encourage them to speak and vote.

God gave me the incredible gift of being born into a nation that allows me a voice in my society so I will share it. I do not see changing my society as the most important goal – because it is not the biggest problem. People’s relationship – or lack thereof – to their creator is the biggest problem, but that is addressed by sharing with as many as I can the good news of how we can know Him through His Son.

If you do not share my faith, I still love you and want the best for you. I still respect you as a human being and support the freedoms given to you by our constitution. We are in this together.

If you do share my faith, I encourage you to stay focused on the things above, not get too entangled with the things here below, do not use rhetoric that will likely inflame others (although all truth tends to do that and we still must speak the truth in love). I also encourage you to reach out and strengthen fellow believers that are struggling in these difficult times. We all need daily reminders that God is above and behind and in all the events around us and is weaving His own plan in this country, In this He will not fail; and it is in Him that we live, and move, and have our being. (Acts 17:28).


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