Moral Codes

We humans are free to have whatever moral code we want. Moral codes are not forced on us. I honestly think that we have little to do with the development of our own moral codes, anyway – they come passively by way of social osmosis to us (but that is for a different discussion.
God, the creator and sustainer of the universe is also free to have His moral code. If an individual’s moral code is different that God’s, so be it. These individual’s can think that they are morally superior to God. They can feel that they have a better moral code than God. They are free to feel and think that. They are not free to determine the consequences of this, however.
There are things in the Bible that make me uncomfortable – things that I honestly with were not there; my response, however, is not to conclude my moral code is superior to God’s. My response to acknowledge that God is sovereign and that God is Good… and that my understanding of things is limited and I can ask God to explain (although He owes none of us an explanation) and wait and see if He does.
If someone rejects the Bible and God because they think that they have a superior moral code, so be it. No one is forcing anyone to do otherwise. Many of us operate on the basis that we trust God and we trust how He is running the universe. We can question our understanding of that, but we do not challenge God’s authority or His eternal goodness.


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