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Dustin R. Pennington

I’ve been planning this for a little while and it just happened to work out to go live today on my birthday. I can think of no better way to celebrate than to heed the Apostle Paul’s admonition in his letter to the Galatian church that “The one who is taught the Word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him.”

I have been taught by Jim and want to honor him by sharing good things with him.

I hardly anticipate anyone who doesn’t know the guy to contribute although it would be a great blessing to me if you did anyway! If you’ve been benefited in any way by Jim, I’d be humbled if you’d consider helping provide this resource for him.

Pray for and consider how to bless those who have helped shape you, who have blessed you, prayed for you, and provided for you; those who have poured from their spirit into your own deserve your honor and respect. I don’t know if that’s your parents, a teacher, a friend, a sibling, a pastor, or what. But thank God for them.

Thanks for reading. ✌️


Name the Unknown

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Hey, ya’ll. If you’ve checked out any of the sermons I’ve posted, you have benefited from the work and wisdom of my mentor, Jim Shaul. I had the idea a little while ago to start him a fund to provide him with some Bible study software (Logos Bible Software) that he could greatly benefit from. I would be humbled if you would consider helping me provide for someone who has provided so much to others and never asks for anything in return. He teaches and serves with regard only for how it benefits others and glorifies God.

Thank you for your consideration and, more than anything, continue to enjoy the content. My hope (and I know it’s Jim’s hope too) is to help educate and edify folks while encouraging them to take their beliefs seriously. That mission will continue no matter what resources are or are not gifted.

God bless.

Click here to Give now to Logos Bible Software for Pastor by Dustin Pennington


Click here to Give now to Logos Bible Software for Pastor by Dustin Pennington

My mentor, Jim Shaul, is currently helping to teach at Hays Fork Community Church in Looneyville, West Virginia. Frequently, . He also started an…