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Posted on November 15, 2021 by jim shaul

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words. Philip K. Dick

Check out the following site:…/stats/People/Ethnic-groups. This site lists out the distribution of ethnic groups in all the countries of the world. According to IndexMundi the following was the ethnic distribution in the US in 2010: Ethnic groups: White 72.4%, Black 12.6%, Asian 4.8%, Amerindian and Alaska Native 0.9%, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 0.2%, other 6.2%, two or more races 2.9% (2010 est.) According to the US Census Bureau, White made up 80.7 of the US population in 1790, so it has gone down by around 8%. Let us sample a few of these countries where there is a large predominant population of a single ethnic group: Algeria 99% Arab-Berber, Antigua 95% Black, Cambodia 90% Khmer, Cape Verde 71% Creole, Egypt 99% Egyptian, Grenada 82% Black, Japan 98.5% Japanese. Check the chart, predominance of ethnic populations is far from rare across the planet. The most important concept I would like you to consider is this: predominance in population does NOT mean ethnic supremacy. I would NEVER accuse the Antiguans of Black Supremacy simply because they are the ethic majority… EVER. Even if there were a portion of Antiguans who had acted unfairly to the minority population over the course of their history, I would still NOT say that there was Black Supremacy in Antigua. I could say that some Blacks had been racist and then only if I had clear indication of specific events and trends that evidence seeking dominance and control…but ONLY THOSE INVOLVED could be charged with that. Does this make sense to you? Ethnic population predominance is not ethnic supremacy. Ethnic population predominance invariably provides dominant ethnic advantage. It is the way of the world. People tend to be more open and helpful to others who look like them and speak the same language. This is human nature. A Khmer owned coffee shop would likely fare better in Cambodia than in Grenada.Have there been white supremacists in the US? Of course there have been. Have there been policies and laws that have been racist? Of course there have. It does follow that the US should be characterized as a country of white supremacists. The history of our country makes it clear that the policies and laws promoting racism have decade after decade been despised, shunned, and removed from statute law. We have, and will continue,to promote equality and demote racism in the United States. Does this mean that there still may be true white supremacists living here? Of course there may be and are. Those however represent only a tiny fraction of that average white person in the U.S. I have lived 68 years and met one single person that evidenced a white supremacist attitude. One. I know that my experience doesn’t prove anything, but I believe it is highly suggestive that the density and percentage of true white supremacists in the country is very very small. A 2017 Poll by the Huffington Post revealed that, “… the vast majority of Americans polled expressed support for racial equality when asked in so many words ― 70 percent strongly agreed that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally. They went on in the article to demonize the people who wanted to preserve a White European Heritage. My guess is that the vast majority of Algerians would like to preserve their Black North African heritage and that a vast majority of people in Japan would like to preserve the Japanese Asian heritage and culture. This does NOT make them racist. It makes them human and NOTHING about that desire is necessarily rooted in racism or a desire for supremacy. It is a desire to hold on to what we believe has been good and valuable in their culture.I strongly encourage each and everyone of you to check yourselves for any racist beliefs and if they are present, seek to rid them from your mind and heart. If you find no racism, I encourage you to strongly and loudly call out those who are seeking to divide our country by falsely and insidiously and throw a blanket of white supremacy over all the whites in this country. Their doing so is nothing less than an attempt to destroy our nation. Do not let this claim to continue unchallenged. Finally, I encourage all of us to diligently seek humility and practice love and kindness to every single person you meet – no matter what sex, race, or religion.————————–

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