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When I was a much younger man, I read a book called, Tyranny of the Urgent,” by Charles Hummel.

It is is an oldie but goodie. It says, in a nutshell, that many of our lives in the western world have become so full of things to do that we end up losing site of the valuable things in life; we do so because we end up spending time on the things that scream for our attention.

Take some time find a few moments of quiet to write out – if possible, ranked in order – the things that are most important to you. Then ask yourself if the time you invest in your day-to-day activities reflect that value system. Do not make the easy mistake of saying that you are “just doing it for the kids or the significant other” because that is a catchall phrase that often is just used as an excuse or justification. If you are truly doing it for them, ask them if they, subjectively, feel that you are doing it for them. They might say that they would rather have you spending one-on-one time with them.

Don’t let the urgent things in life drive away the important things!  Invest in those things are are truly valuable.

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