Refraction (Bent Thinking) #87

Common Ground – assuming that the middle position between two extremes must be correct simply because it is the middle position. Refutation: Both extreme positions might be wrong, as well as the middle position. Example – Addison: “Barrett, you allow for no exemptions for abortions, while Carl thinks that all exemptions are ok. How about  you both compromise on holding that the exemptions for the life and health of the mother, rape, incest, and child deformity?  Side Note: For purposes of political expediency, some politicians are put into a position of having to choose to vote on positions of compromise because only those positions have a chance of passing into law. If the politician votes on principle and not political expediency, she will hold true to her values and not compromise. It is so clear right now that liberals are trying to appeal to Republicans to dump more so-called extreme Tea Party and other conservative voices from the party in order to move to the center and thereby regain political effectiveness. While this sounds good, there are two HUGE problems. Firstly, there is no reason in the world to listen to this fallacy from the left. Do you really think that they are looking out for the Republican Party’s best interest? Do they really want the Republicans to regain power?  Not likely.  This logic is a Trojan horse, and it effective would likely render the party even less effective and possibly irrelvant. Secondly, many, many conservatives are simply not interested in political expediency. They are concerned about protecting and promoting deeply held convictions about right and wrong, both moral and political.  Sadly enough, many Republican party officials seem willing to buy into the left’s sales pitch and move the entire party further left.

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