Refraction (Bent Thinking) of the Day #24

Fallacy of The General Rule:  Asserting that because something is generally true, it must be true in the specific case. Refutation:  A general rule is just that – generally true. There is no reason to think that it is true in any given case.   Example:  Bob, Republicans are generally in favor of smaller government, so my next door neighbor Betty, who is a Republican, must be for smaller government.  Sidenote: While it is true, generally that Republicans are for smaller government, it is not always the size that is the problem. The problem is often 1) the larger the government, the more fiscal irresponsibility, 2) the  larger the government, the smaller the amount of freedom individuals have, and 3) the constitution delineates the scope and reach of the federal government, and Republicans want to limit it to it constitutional prerogatives only.

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