See Unto Others as You Would Have Them See Unto You

See Into Others as You Would Have Them See Into You

Let’s see a show of hands. Raise your hand if you are a perfect human being who has made no mistakes and made no poor decisions. Hmmm… the room is silent. No hands whoosh as they fly upwards.

And no one here is surprised. Why? Because we know intuitively and by experience that every single one of us have messed up. Some for a day. Some for a month. Some for several years, compounding wrong choices upon wrong choices.

Yet, having said that, most of us, deep down, think that despite the things that we have done wrong, we are – at heart – a good person. We are a goodhearted person who has done wrong headed things.

Tell me something… and please be honest with yourself… when you mess up is that not exactly how you hope other see you when they become aware of your stupid mistakes and selfish actions? You do not want others to see you as a mistake prone selfish person – as a bad-hearted human being, No you do not. You want others to see your “occasional” wrongs as aberrations, as infrequent variances from your normal and typical good-person life.

We all want this. We want people to like us, to respect us, to think highly of us. This is human nature and there is nothing wrong with wanting such. Some of us want this desperately. We ache for it. We pray for it. We ask – even beg for it. We do this when others don’t take the time and effort to look deeply enough into our souls to find the good in there. Out hearts ache for this to happen. We want to be understood and accepted.

Might I make a small suggestion.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Let it start with you. Maybe it will ripple out to others.


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