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Jim Shaul

Aug 18

Public Announcement:

I am self identifying as a human being who is not obligated to conform to or even acknowledge what other human beings self identify as. Furthermore, I self identify as a human being who chooses to see others through the historical lens of how humans have been presented outwardly in the past.

In short, I refuse to allow other’s self identity to control how and what I think and say. I am a self identity rejector – SIR.

If you are a proponent of self identity bullying, please acknowledge my self identity as a SIR and act and speak accordingly.

If you are not a proponent of self identity bullying, then you are free to ignore me.

Note 1: My preferred pronoun is SIR.

Note 2: This announcement is not intended to either promote or discourage any other human being’s freedom to think as they choose and act as they wish except when doing so interferes with other person’s freedom to think and act.


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For His Glory,


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