Signs That Trouble is a Comin’

One of the most poignant and easy to spot signs that there is a totalitarian agenda in your midst is attempts by individuals or groups to shut down free speech – and that includes using the all too slippery and unconstitutional claim that they are against hate speech (which is always defined by them and has been ruled by the courts as protected speech). It also happens when people find ways to cut you off media or cancel your platform. This is speech bullying and nothing less.

Read what Izzy Kalman said in his article in Psychology Today, “We need to be allowed to say what we want, as long as our words don’t cause tangible harm to people’s bodies or property, or society will stagnate and we will be prisoners in our own skulls, only permitted to say things that the authorities approve of. Without Freedom of Speech, we would never solve problems that require the abandonment of current ways of thinking. Without Freedom of Speech, the government could be as despotic as it wishes, killing off any protestors without impunity. Where the concept of Freedom of Speech is absent, people believe they are entitled to kill others who say things they find offensive. Without Freedom of Speech, we would literally be living in the Dark Ages.”

I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, you should be very concerned when you see this muzzling happening around you. Call it out for what it is and fear it for where it can take us!


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