Close Your Eyes, Please

People rarely see the flaws in their own arguments. Typically they do not until someone points out the flaws in such a way that they actually listen and see the errors.

See if you can point out the flaw in the following argument:

P1 All devices that are used to wound or kill many people at once should be outlawed

P2 Guns are used to wound or kill many people at once

C: Guns should be outlawed

It is actually is kind of easy to find the weakness if you are just looking at the claims and not throwing emotion into it. P2 is clearly true and undeniable. P1, however, is an untenable claim ( which means it is not reasonable to hold the claim.) If one were to hold the claim, then many devices should be outlawed.

If you hold to P1, then it would logically follow that you would be fine when the authorities come to your house and take your car away – as well as everyone else’s car. As we saw in Waukesha (, 5 people were killed and 40 were injured by a person driving a car.

We all know that the car was not the problem – the driver and his heart and mind were the problem. To require that all other drivers of cars surrender their cars or to prevent any new cars to be sold would be punishing the innocent and not addressing the real problem. Morally sick and mentally ill people are the problem.

You can close your eyes to the real problem… and you know that many are doing just that. Doing so, however, just results in the truth not being seen and innocent people having their rights infringed and others having their lives taken away.

I adjure you to close your eyes to the bad logic, and open your eyes to what is really happening: a loss of the fear of God and a rejection of the value of human life has spread like an infection in our society.


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