The Morality of Capitalism

We all want free and fair elections – well at those of us who truly believe in a democratic republic. Why? Because we think it is just and fair for citizens to have a say-so in their country, and that say-so is manifested in going to the polls and voting.

The same principle is true in capitalism. We vote with our dollars every time we spend money at the establishment of our choice. We are saying that we want that company to stay in business and say that they should keep operating that business the way they have in the past. If you think that CEO’s make too much over the entry-level workers, then find businesses that reflect your values… if you don’t want to support companies that push CRT, then shop (or give) elsewhere. If you value Fair Market products, find vendors who supply them.

If you care enough to take the time, you can investigate and discover what companies reflect your values and support them by voting for them with your dollars.

For a nice short video on the morality of Capitalism, go to:

Walter Williams on Capitalism


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