An Ingenious Plan to Have It All

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An historical fact that many either do not know or do not care to know is that in countries where socialism and/or communism have taken control, there is always a group of people at the very top who have immense power and wealth. Those in the “politburo” do not collectivize and give their wealth and power to others – only the masses do that. Those at the top accumulate more of both at the expense of those at the bottom.

So why is it, do you think that you see so many ultra rich and powerful wannabe’s pushing socialism? Is it because they care about the struggling masses? Of course not. If it were, they could give away billions, even trillions to help them. No, that is not what they have done because it doesn’t get them to their end game. What most ultra rich and powerful want is more wealth and power – so how does pushing socialism get that? They believe and intend on making it happen that they will not only BE in the politburo but at the TOP of that – running those who run things. IF they can get to that position, they will accrue even more money and power. Got it?

If I were these folks, I would find ways to get the masses to go along with the plan, willingly. How would I do that? I would spend oodles of money to get images and ideas that accomplish 2 things: get the masses to hate the wealthy and feel sorry for the poor. I would pay people to create memes and write articles that talk about how unfair it is that some people are very rich, and that they don’t need that money, and that they selfishly hoard money, and how all of theses things make it hard for the masses. In summary, I would create, financial class warfare. At the same time, I would pay people to create memes and write articles that talk about how sad it is that people suffer who have little finances and great debt and medical burdens. Having exacerbated this horrible unfair status, then I would make people feel ashamed that others – not themselves – have not done their part to help. I would blame the masses for their lack of love. At the same time, I would particularly blame Christians for not being the Christians that they think we should be. Since the Christians specifically and the masses generally have dropped the ball, the only other real option is to have the government step up to the plate. The government will swoop in and rescue these poor folk because they care even more than the masses care. The issue is of course that they will need the masses to give them the power and the money to do so.

Once this two pronged plan has played out, the masses will be ready for a collectivized totalitarian state and willingly give their power and their money to the politburo.

A simple plan. A devious plan. The sad thing is that many people… good-hearted and caring people… do not see that they are being used to push this plan. They are driven by what they think are good and noble motives to strike out at the evil rich people and to reach out to the hurting ones. The politburo wannabe’s are taking advantage of good people’s sense of fairness and caring and using it to garner themselves more money and power.

The last thing they will do is make sure we don’t recognize this is happening. How do they do that? Three ways: 1) they control the media so the masses do not get the truth, 2) they drive wedges between people so they will not emotionally, intellectually, or ideologically band together when they finally see the is going on, and 3) they push the idea that the government is our best and only solution to these problems. The wannabe’s push a narrative that intends to separate us into dozens of factions who do not listen or trust one another, so we end up needing and trusting them. Once they accomplish this, they are ready to take control.

Does any of this sound true? Does any of this resonate within your soul? If so, please do not let your life be taken from you. As citizens of a once great nation you have a still great constitution that protects you. You however, have to wake up and stand up for truth.


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