WEB Theory of Truth

WEB Theory of Truth

Over the years, I have been a keen observer of ideas. I have studied old ideas. I have watched new ideas pop up (although, truth be told, they are not new – just new to this generation and recently recycled into use).

In the area of Critical Thinking, I have been aware of many “stock” fallacies used throughout the ages, but have also recognized some new ones…. and I have given them – what I think are – appropriate names.

Recently I have done the same with a “new” theory of truth that I see being employed. Based on three things, I have given this new theory of truth the name “The WEB Theory of Truth”.

It goes like this: if a self-understood Woke person – who believes that they are more enlightened than others – makes a claim… then this claim is true. Period. Others should accept their claims and not challenge them.

I call it this for three reasons.

One- the letters of the name is an anagram. It stands for Woke Elite Bullies. The reason should be obvious. Woke people consider themselves smarter and/or more enlightened than the masses. When these Woke people consider themselves above the rest, then they have an elitist attitude. The “unwoke” are not merely wrong… their is something “wrong” with them. They are evil at worst and stupid and foolish at best.

These Woke Elites then apply pressure to the dull masses to get them to conform, either by bullying them with threats of harm and / or by silencing their naysaying and attempting to remove their voice from the public marketplace of ideas (cancelled). Hence, they are bullying their ideological opponents.

Two – a web stretches out across space and connects distant locations. The WEB Theory does this. It stretches across a myriad of areas of discussion and links them all together, so that pressure on one is pressure on them all. The Web Theory includes claims on climate, medicine, Covid, gender, sexuality, parenting, economics, politics, ethics, and more. Typically, if you hold to one of the Woke positions, you are required to hold to all of them. If an individual makes a public statement that is out of line with the entire web of people who hold to the Woke party line, then they are shamed and rejected until and unless they repent and recant.

Three – a web is sticky and designed to capture prey. This theory of truth is designed to allow the Woke Elite Bullies to control everything in its purview. it seeks to control the “unwoke” unwashed masses of thick-headed dolts, and bring them to their knees. The do not need to defend their views, they simply call names and heap shame. They want to capture you, keep you, and control you.

Recently, Bill Gates suggested that people who disagree with him on the need for vaccinations should have their social security checks withheld https://newspunch.com/bill-gates-gleefully-smiles-after-suggesting-unvaccinated-should-be-stripped-of-social-security-watch/eClassic woke position.

Classic Woke position. Classic elite attitude. Classic bullying. Be assured though, that one doesn’t need to be rich and famous to practice this theory. You could be a B actress, an athlete, or an owner of a business. You just need the ‘I am enlightened and you are not, so therefore you should conform to my way of thinking” attitude.

The response to all this – Do not ignore them… they are controlling the dialogue. You must ignore their sophomoric name calling and demand facts for their claims. You must support those who are being bullied and pressured to conform. Finally, you must stand for truth…with facts, figures, and fidelity to truth.

It makes a difference to you. It can make a difference to our country’s future.

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  1. Larry Eiss says:

    Thank you for this. I have understood that this was happening, but had no good way to think of it. This gives me tools for better recognizing WEB behavior and for dealing with it effectively.

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