Prodigal Son Returns

Hey gang! After a year off of posting and updating this site, I have returned!

I am now retired and living in a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia doing construction projects, gardening, and tending to my chickens. (I have not been squandering my father’s inheritance nor eating the cobs of the pigs!)

I was unable to access this account for a while, but have recovered that ability and now plan on regular posts again.

Please respond if you’re of a mind…

Regards, Jim

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4 Responses to Prodigal Son Returns

  1. Blake Hall says:

    Awesome Jim! can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  2. Sharon says:

    Welcome back

  3. Terra says:

    Hello Stranger! Well at least we know you are ALIVE!

  4. Michael Nickel says:

    Happy Birthday, I am so glad you are enjoying life plus ecstatic you are back!!!

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