Why Can’t They Care? – Response to FB Post #3 after Orlando

If I read that Brock Turner (the Standford Rapist) was accosted on the street and beaten to within an inch of his life, I could and would, feel sad for him having suffered the pain and humiliation of the vigilante attack. I could also feel compelled by my compassion to pray for him as a way to honestly express my desire that God would heal him and honestly believe God could heal him.

This rhetoric I hear that anyone who is not a supporter of the LGBT agenda and who prefers another direction CANNOT and SHOULD NOT feel compassion and pray for the victims in Orlando is specious at best and another attempt at bullying people through an attempt to shame at worst. People can disagree with a specific moral or social position and still care….and people do just that….on both sides.

Likewise, intelligent people can recommend different solutions to the problem of terrorism…and yet still have compassion for victims. A person’s view on the second amendment and gun ownership does not exclude them from wanting real solutions and to truly want to reduce the threat of terrorism..nor from feeling deeply saddened by the tragedy.

Just my thoughts….Not saying I am right or wrong….

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