Refraction (Bent Thinking) of the Day #23

Ultimate Fallacy (Pigheadedness):  Refusal to listen to an argument or discuss it any further.  Refutation: One of the primary reasons that people stop arguing is that they no longer have anything that can successfully defend their position. Their logic gun is out of bullets, so to speak.  Example:  Bob: Abby, don’t even begin to give me your reasons for your position on contraceptive use.  I’ve made up my mind and don’t want to confuse things with facts. Side Note:  One needs to be very sensitive to the emotional state of the other person and always be respectful. If you detect that they are simply emotionally spent (rather than logically empty) then it would be good for the sake of the relationship to politely ask if you may take this up with them at a later time.  Do realize that if they are logically empty, (their shield is up but they no longer have a sword) then it is perhaps the best time to press the argument, because they have nothing left with which to battle.  The thing to keep foremost in mind is that people will never be pressured into truly changing their mind. They need to feel respected and free to choose.

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