The Shooting in Connecticut

Concerning today’s shooting, I suspect that a quick perusal of the internet will produce many calls for tighter gun control. I call that response “Diving Board Thinking”- someone has an issue that they carry with them at all times and it is almost as if they are standing on the diving board waiting for an event to happen so they can use the event as a way to jump into the water with their same old arguments to passionate defend a position.   

The real question that should be asked is, “why are more and more people seemingly willing to take their own and other’s lives?”   I propose that a full generation of teaching people that 1) they as individuals and people in general are nothing more than accidents of nature and 2) as we have been classified as animals, there is really nothing all that special about mankind. Humans are not significant and not special.

When you tie that together with a growing absence of any objective moral standards, then the real question is why doesn’t it happen more often?

I grieve for these families and that community because I think that they are significant beings, with immeasurable value as humans.

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