Stop Your Prejudice

Bullying is bullying. No matter who is doing it, no matter who they are doing it to. Bullying the weak, the odd, gays, transgenders, those with extra body weight, women, people of color, and people of a different religion or ideology – this includes Christians and conservatives – its all wrong. We should stand up against all bullying. was formed to be a support for conservative Christians on campus who are targets both by students and faculty. Consider supporting their efforts by becoming mentors to students who are struggling to stand strong against the wave of ideological change on campuses. They especially need women mentors. If you can spare 60-90 minutes a week, you can really be a big help to those who are targets and who are suffering attacks. Please go to: and check it out!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'In Memory of Owen J. Miller 2005- -2018'

This is Owen. Owen was thirteen years old when he took his own life earlier this month. Owen was bullied relentlessly and escaped in the only way he believed he could. Please, people, teach your children and their children to be kind. Help them learn how to draw that person standing apart into their circle and show them that they matter. That one small act of kindness might save a life.I’m sharing this in the hope you do and together we make a difference. How about we post where it’s been shared. Every one needs to talk about this and yes show children the consciences.Our thanks to each and every one of you for your comments on this. And the amazing comments. Michele Fogg Family Funeral Directors Sheffield England.

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