I Got Your Six

Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal, as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness.” Edwin Louis Cole

We all have done things we regret. We all have done things we wish had not become known to others. It’s kinda the nature of we fallen children of Adam. Most of us, if not all, however, would like it if some of those things were kept confidential. It’s not like we are trying to say to the world that we are perfect. Not at all. It is just that some things are more embarrassing than others.

If someone shares with you one of these things in confidence, treat it the same way you would like it to be treated if you shared a less than flattering thing about yourself. It’s about respect and loyalty. Love does not want another to be shamed or mocked. Keep confidential anything someone shares with you in confidence. Be faithful to them. It’s not keeping secrets; its selective sharing that comes from loyalty and love.


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