Let it Go and Let it Be

To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Alexander Pope

In the account of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), Jesus reveals three different types of hearts: 1) the prodigal son’s heart was humble and repentant, 2) the other son had an unforgiving, jealous, and angry heart, and 3) the father’s heart was forgiving and joyful.

In the story, who was harmed the most, the father or the son who stayed? I suppose the son who stayed may have had a bit more work to do, but likely not. The father had servants so was probably pretty well off and the other son’s absence could have been picked up by the servants. It seems to me very likely that that the father would have had to do some liquidation of his assets to immediately give his son half of his estate inheritance, thereby cutting into the profitability of the ranch. Also, in leaving, the son was basically turning his back on his father. The father was harmed in no small way by the son who left. The son who stayed was not hurt much at all.

When the prodigal son returned, the son who stayed was upset and unforgiving even though his harm was minimal. The fathers was joyful and forgiving even though his harm was greater.

If someone has harmed you, ask yourself, “how much harm has actually come to me by this person’s actions? If it was small, then, by definition, it should be easier to forgive. What keeps us from doing so is often pride and jealousy. If the harm was large, know that large offenses can also be forgiven when we take the attitude that the father took: the prodigal son was his blood, he was a valued person in his life at one time, and the value of restoring the relationship overruled the harm.

Holding a grudge against someone ALWAYS hurts you more than it does the other person because you carry the weight of bitterness in your soul.

Let it go; make the effort to breach the gap and welcome them again to the home of your heart.

It will be a win/win, I guarantee.

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